Undiscovered: 5 Jon Pardi Songs We Think You’ll Love

Jon Pardi is known for bringing the classic country sound back to radio. The singer-songwriter out of California has earned several #1 hits over the course of his career. Pardi even found the time to get married just last fall. To celebrate his birthday today, we’re looking at 5 Pardi songs you may have missed.

1. “Don’t Blame It On Whiskey” feat. Lauren Alaina

In a memorable song off his most recent album Heartache Medication, Pardi’s voice perfectly blends with the violin heard in the background. Lauren Alaina enhances this duet as she and Pardi sing about falling for someone, and not wanting to blame it on what they’re drinking.

“This ain’t about a drink, don’t let the alcohol take the fall for all these thoughts I think.”

2. “Cowboy Hat”

This track was truly made to be heard in a honky tonk. Off of his 2016 album California Sunrise, the song is a playful and cheeky one from Pardi. An up-tempo beat, catchy lyrics, and the feeling this could have been played decades ago serve to give fans something to dance to.

“We’ve been out all night tearing up this town, it’s time to bring it all home, start the second round.”

3. “That Man”

This old-school song about longing for a girl can be found on Pardi’s debut album. A simple idea about telling the person you love that you are actually the right person is heartbreakingly relatable. A story and song like that can stand the test of time.

“You know I’ve always been waiting, and I guess what I’m saying is I am that man.”

4. “Oughta Know That”

Another song off his latest album, this track offers a rock take on classic country. This song has relatable lyrics, an infectious base, and the motivation to get out and drink with your friends.

“Should’ve stayed in, instead I went out, but I oughta know that by now.”

5. “Borrowed Time”

This track off of Pardi’s 2015 EP shows his nostalgic side. The introspective lyrics describe how we all should appreciate the time we have on Earth. Realizing that growing up and getting older often gives you a wider perspective on what is truly important in life.

“And money sure don’t buy it all, And the only thing I know is you can’t take it with you when you go.”

Happy Birthday, Jon Pardi!

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