Undiscovered: 5 Justin Moore Songs You'll Love

Justin Moore was born on March 30th , 1984, in Arkansas. Today, we celebrate his accomplishments within his 38 years of life by taking a look at his top 5 undiscovered tracks.

1. “Beer Time”

Featured on Moore’s album, Outlaws Like Me, this tune is a classic country song. From the lyrics to the tune, “Beer Time” is the epitome of country music. “Party with my rowdy friends / Hell of a weekend I ain't ready to go / Crack another top beneath the parking lot lights / It's beer time.”

2. “Got It Good”

“Got It Good” was released in 2016 when Moore’s career was beginning to get big. His simple vocals make the song genuine to him, with lines,“Yeah this good old boy sure got it good / Seeing you smile when you kiss and your eyes."

3. “This Kind of Town”

“This Kind of Town” is a homage to Moore’s hometown, Poyen, Arkansas. This song is very similar in nature to “half of my hometown” by Kelsea Ballerini. It is a very sweet song that reminds anyone of how perfect a hometown can be.

4.“Jesus and Jack Daniels”

This fun-loving song is about Moore’s mother and father and how “Mama loved Jesus, Daddy loved Jack Daniels." The song goes on with a story about his parents and their differences, “He hated how she never had no fun / She hated how he had too much / I got a little bit from both of them / A little Bible and a little buzz."

5. “Hell on a Highway”

Released in 2016, “Hell on a Highway” is featured on Moore’s album, Kinda Don’t Care. This song is one you won’t want to skip, with storytelling lyrics that state, “Gone as it gets with her wings on the wind, angel made her getaway / Now she's out there puttin' my heart through hell on a highway."

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