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Undiscovered: 5 Kenny Chesney Songs We Think You’ll Love

In honor of Kenny Chesney’s birthday today, we are highlighting five of his lesser-known songs that we think you will really fall in love with.

  1. “Knowing You”

His current country radio single, “Knowing You” is a heartbreak ballad that encapsulates missing someone so much and wondering what they are up to since they’ve left your lives. “I’d do it all over cause damnit, it was good knowing you”. This track reflects on the memories of the person you honor, so they will always remain in your heart.

2. “Who You’d Be Today”

Featured on his 2005 “The Road and The Radio” album, this song is for anyone mourning the loss of a loved one. “I see your smile, I see your face, I hear you laughing in the rain, I still can’t believe you’re gone”. It’s a beautiful tribute to a story of a life that was never lived.

3. “Coconut Tree”

If you are looking to escape the winter months and sink into some summertime tunes, roll the windows down and turn up “Coconut Tree” which is on Chesney’s Life On A Rock album. This one features the great Willie Nelson and you can almost smell the island breeze while rocking along.

4. “Til It’s Gone”

Are you ready to leave everything on the table? “Til It’s Gone”, which is on Chesney’s The Big Revival album, sings about just that, giving your all and enjoying life to the fullest. This track gives relationships the faith to work through their problems without any rules holding them back.

5. “Love For Love City”

Did you know that Chesney donated all profits from his Songs for the Saints album to Love f