Undiscovered: 5 Kip Moore Songs We Think You’ll Love

In honor of Kip Moore’s birthday today, we are highlighting five of his songs we think you’ll fall in love with that you may not already know.

1. “Faith When I Fall”

Featured as the closer on his debut album, Up All Night, “Faith When I Fall” bookended an incredible project from the soulful singer-songwriter. The simple acoustic guitar that starts off the track and Moore’s gritty vocal, only add to this sentimental son about being there for your loved ones. “Give me light up ahead up on the journey / Give me strength when I’m standing / And faith when I fall.”

2. “Payin’ Hard”

One of the most poignant tracks on his most recently released project, Wild World, “Payin’ Hard” focuses the lens on what you give up when you follow a dream and how the music industry isn’t all glitz and glam. “At the expense of my heart / Lord I’ve cashed in my soul / Chose this old guitar / Before the only love I’ve known / I gotta live with that / Lose sleep with that / When I close my eyes / I’ll die with that, yeah / My life’s a credit card Play now, pay later And I’m paying hard.”

3. “Crazy One More Time”

OG fans of Kip Moore know that for years this was his set opener, a song about a girl named Mary Jane and the fast and hard, epic love story that they shared. He recently re-released the track as a single and it's gained more traction since.“I guess I’ll always have this longing in my heart / And you’ll have a place in me.”

4. “The Bull”

Written by Luke Dick and Jon Randall, “The Bull” found a home on Moore’s album Slowheart and the fast-paced, uptempo track is a change of pace for the singer-songwriter but the history of steps that lead to the success he’s found. “Thank you vinyl for the soundtrack to my life, it’s sure been great / Thank you mama for the roll and Thank you daddy for the rock / Most of all, most of all / Thanks to the bulls that bucked me off.”

5. “Red White Blue Jean The American Dream”

Another example of an undiscovered song from his third studio album, Wild World, “Red White Blue Jean American Dream” chronicles places across the United States and a couple just chasing their dreams and sometimes how a dream can lead you to a home with your loved ones. “‘Cause I’ve seen heaven / Just you in my plain white tee / Driftin’ off to sleep / Well, ain’t that the dream?”

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