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Undiscovered: 5 Lindsay Ell Songs We Know You'll Love

Canadian country music artist Lindsay Ell is celebrating her birthday today. Ell’s music stands aside from the rest as it incorporates a number of different genres from rock, blues, and pop, to primarily country. She speaks her honest trust regardless of how hard it may be. Here are some of our favorite undiscovered Lindsay Ell songs.

1. “Mint”

“Mint” speaks on the real hardships of a relationship - and the fact that the hardships are what makes the relationship real. It’s a love song at heart as it depicts a relationship getting past the honeymoon stage. Ell sings, “I may not laugh at your jokes like I used to / You may not open the door quite as much as you did before / I don't text you all the time when I miss you / And you don't always tell me I'm beautiful / Every time you see me but / When the sun finds that horizon / You're the only one that my eyes wanna see / Baby we're mint.”

2. “body language of a breakup”

Ell’s sophomore record Heart Theory delves into the different stages of a breakup. On that project is the song “Body Language of a Breakup” which confesses the realities of love coming to an end but seeing it in someone’s body rather than their words. It’s a perfect harmony of pop stylistics blended with unconventional country mixings that solidifies this stage of heartache.

3. “White Noise”

“White Noise,” written with Kelsea Ballerini, Ross Copperman, and Josh Kear, found a home on The Project safely fastened between “Mint” and single “Criminal.” As soon as Ell heard the Ballerini-penned track, she knew she had to record it for her project. The song’s instrumentation encompasses a happy medium tempo with a mix of swing and electric makings. “Another headache from a loud crowd Friday / Another lover throwing gravel in the driveway / Another love song driving down the highway / But it's just white noise, it's just white noise / Another wake up to the TV on sunrise / Another break-up with the echo of your goodbyes / But it's just white noise, it's just white noise / ‘'Cause I miss you, boy / So it's just white noise."

4. “Castle”

“Castle,” written with Abbey Cone and Josh Kerr, depicts that there’s always something greener on the other side and there’s always something more that you’re going to want, even if you already have it all. The track is featured on her debut collection The Project.

5. “make you”

Although not a single, Ell’s “make you” became one of Heart Theory’s most prominent heartbreaking compositions due to its compelling subject matter. Written alongside Brandy Clark, “make you” confesses the tragedy of surviving a rape she underwent at 13 years of age - but saying all of the healing and revelations came at a later age. Its sonic landscape is brimming with painstakingly-simple guitar fretwork with a rather linear vocal melody that brings out Ell’s story even further. Ell says, “I was raped when I was 13, and it happened again when I was 21. The song only talks about the first time. It’s just a difficult thing to talk about, and it’s something that I process every day still. Part of me talking about it now is liberating the little 13-year-old Lindsay and the 21-year-old Lindsay. Pain is something we can let control us if we don’t deal with it, but the minute you put a voice to your story the shame has no power. I felt so alone for so long, like, ‘This only happened to me.’ But it’s not true. If I would’ve known that when I was 13, I would have felt such a deep feeling of relief.” “Thirteen, staring in the mirror / You still look so innocent / But that was all gone yesterday / At eighteen, you’ll see it a little clearer / As something that was taken / Before you could give it away / And you’ll feel dirty / You’ll feel guilty / For what was done to you / There’ll be a canyon in your chest / For what you can’t undo / It’s amazing where a broken heart can take you / All the things that bend and stain and break you / That’s what’s gonna make you.”

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