Undiscovered: 5 Maren Morris Songs We Think You’ll Love

The incredible country crossover superstar, Maren Morris, is celebrating her birthday today and in honor of her special day we are sharing with you 5 lesser known songs from her catalog.

1. “Space”

“Space” is one of Morris’ standout tracks from her first studio album HERO. It is the last track on the album and has a celestial-like production. Listening to this track feels like floating through the stars as Morris sings the chorus, “I wave to the man on the moon / Put a lightyear between me and you / I need space.” This song is underrated and a must-listen for Morris fans and non-fans alike.

2. “Dear Hate”

A song that was released in 2017 with Vince Gill, Maren Morris sings a letter directed to hate itself. Despite being released in 2017, the song resonates even more after the tumultuous past year many people have had. The lyrics depict how overwhelming hate can be, how saddening the news has become, and compares hate to a “snake in the grass.” For the most part, the lyrics are remorseful but throughout the song, Morris and Gill sing about how at the end of everything, “love’s gonna conquer all.” “Dear Hate” ties in closely and feels like a prelude to Morris’ 2020 release “Better Than We Found It.”

3. “Old Soul”

“Old Soul” was written by Maren Morris along with Lara Veltz and Luke Dick. This was one of the three songs Morris wrote for the debut album from The Highwomen, conveniently titled The Highwomen, made up of Morris herself, Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires, and Natalie Hemby. Morris takes lead vocals on the track and the end of the song is like a grand finale of fireworks as Moris shows off her vocal range in all of its glory while a raging guitar plays underneath her. The lyrics are a highpoint as well as Morris sings what she details what it’s like to truly be an old soul, “I listen to vinyls filled with scratches / I find myself in other people’s shoes / I fix my momma’s problems like a habit, and daddy’s too.”

4. “A Song For Everything”

Morris talks about the power of music in this light-hearted, blissful track that feels like a ray of sunshine. Throughout the song, Morris name drops artists like Coldplay and Bruce Springsteen, she even mentions the Katy Perry album Teenage Dream. “A Song For Everything” captures how songs become the soundtrack to our lives in both the good moments and in bad moments. The lyrics in the pre-chorus are sweet and relatable for music lovers everywhere as Morris sings, “When you were looking for the words / Somebody said it first so you didn’t have to / It was looking right at you.”

5. “Better Than We Found It”

One of Morris’ most recent releases, “Better Than We Found It” talks about similar themes that were presented in “Dear Hate.” The song is filled with meaning and clearly reflects the tumultuous year that 2020 was for a lot of people. In the last chorus, Morris sings, “When time turns this moment to dust / I just hope my son’s proud of the woman I was,” making reference to her baby boy who was born in March of 2020. The music video is also worth the watch as it showcases stories of immigrants and of two young girls who organized a protest that was attended by over 100,000 people. The very end of the video is endearing as it shows footage of Morris holding her son. The video has just over one million views and part of the proceeds went to the Black Women’s Health Imperative.

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