Undiscovered: 5 Michael Ray Songs We Think You’ll Love

Captivating singer-songwriter Michael Ray was born in Eustis, Florida on this day in 1988. We’re celebrating his birthday by taking a look at 5 songs you may not know but will enjoy.

1. “Another Girl”

This fun track is an upbeat nod to country music shows and women’s strength and versatility. It celebrates “another girl” who is kept “bottled up” all week long for work and responsibilities. This ‘getting ready’ anthem inspires the occasional release of a woman’s “moonlight wild side.”

2. “If I’d Known Then”

Everybody can relate to wanting to go back in time to share what they’ve learned from experience with their younger self. Ray’s sweet and retrospective track, “If I’d Known Then,” depicts a longing to do things differently with lyrics that accurately capture that first moment of intense regret. “Like a lightning strike in a clear blue sky, it brought me to my knees.”

3.“Run Away With You”

Ray co-wrote this track with his mentor Rich from Big & Rich. Ray’s rendition of the song is delivered masterfully as he sings of a desperate longing to rediscover the spark of falling in love that has faded over time. He expresses a universal desire to run away from the stresses of everyday life to reconnect with love and with himself.

4. “The Things I Ain’t Proud of”

In this commendable portrait of the human condition, Ray owns the moments he isn’t proud of to grow from them and become the man he tries to be. The most heartbreaking item on his list is losing touch with his grandfather.

He was my grandpa, my best friend. He taught me to cuss, he taught me how to fish. As time went on, we slowly lost touch. I let go of him before he let go of us.”

5. “Drink One For Me”

Ray’s second album, Amos, was titled as a tribute to his grandfather. This popular album is well-known for its many hits but it also has some hidden gems you may have missed. “Drink One For Me” is an endearing song of respect and gratitude to those serving our country. This patriotic track reminds the listener to celebrate our soldiers and to honor their sacrifices when enjoying the freedoms they’ve provided. “Drink one for me and remember why I’m doin’ what I’m doin’ when you raise ‘em high.”

Happy Birthday Michael Ray!

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