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Undiscovered: 5 Mitchell Tenpenny Songs We Know You'll Love

Mitchell Tenpenny’s interest in music became most notable when he was 11. His grandmother, Donna Hilley, had a major role in turning him on to artists such as Bobby Braddock and Curly Putnam. With his heavy influences from Vince Gill, John Mayer, and Michael Jackson, it’s a surprise that he turned into the country artist he is today. To celebrate his birthday, here are five country songs by Tenpenny that you may not know.

1. “Radio Dial”

Even though the album Black Crow did not take the world by storm upon its release, some songs from it were particularly worthy of fame. One example of this is “Radio Dial,” a tune about heartbreak and the role that music has played in lost love. “I don’t need to sing about you / Or put your name in every line.” Though the song is difficult to find, it’s worth the search.

2. “She Met Me”

This 2014 release from Black Crow was co-written with Brad Clawson. It takes the perspective of a girl falling in love with a rag-tag country boy. The wholesome song shows a beautiful side to unexpected romance with the lyrics, “I showed her a good time / She’s glad she met me / Now she’s hunting and fishing.” It carries on an age-old theme in country music: everyone loves a country boy, especially city girls.