Undiscovered: 5 Morgan Evans Songs We Know You'll Love

Morgan Evans is an Australian singer-songwriter who has made a name for himself in the country music world. For his birthday, The Nash News wanted to highlight his top five undiscovered songs. Happy Birthday, Morgan Evans!

1. “Song for the Summer”

“Song for the Summer” is on Evans' 2018 album, Things That We Drink To. With summer approaching, this song is perfect for the “bare feet, low tide” type of people. The beat is catchy and upbeat with lyrics that visualize tan lines and good times.

2. “Country Outta My Girl”

This song is on The Country And The Coast Side A EP which was released in 2021. Inspired by his wife, Kelsea Ballerini, “Country Outta My Girl” describes all of the best parts about her. The lyrics prove Evan’s point by stating, “Singing George Strait down Fifth Avenue / Rodeo Drive in her cowboy boots / Palm trees shading them southern roots / Hotter than a ring of fire."

3. “Sing Along Drink Along”

This song is truly a great song to “sing-along” and “drink along” too. With its dance party feeling, Evans' vocals solidify that a good time is going down. The lyrics match the energy, stating, “If we can sing along to a Springsteen song / On a Blue Jean Friday night / If we can drink along with the ones we love / And raise our cups up high."

4. “American”

As the first song featured on his Things That We Drink To album, this track sets the mood of the album. These are all songs that symbolize a toast to the people and things in Evans' life. For example, “American” is a toast to his new home in America. This native Australian dedicated this song to the love for where he is now.

5. “Beautiful Tonight”

“Beautiful Tonight” is another song dedicated to Ballerini. The slow, love song gives us a glimpse into the sweet relationship between the two. The lyrics are well-written, capturing the essence of true love: “Every time you smile / Every word you speak / It's a work of art / Just to watch you be / Just the way you are / You don't have to try / Darlin' you look beautiful / Darlin' you look beautiful tonight."

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