Undiscovered: 5 Randy Travis Songs We Think You’ll Love

Randy Travis is a legend in country and gospel music with 22 studio albums, 16 number 1 hits, and a plethora of platinum and multi-platinum albums. Travis has been a huge country star since the ’80s and continues to be loved for his traditional delivery and characteristic baritone vocals. He celebrates a birthday today so we’re featuring 5 of his songs you may have missed.

1. “Too Gone Too Long”

This track was a number 1 hit but you may have missed it when it was released in 1987 in the album Always & Forever. Anyone going through a break-up is going to be thrilled to discover this old song. “Too Gone Too Long,” is a fun, twangy track about moving on after heartbreak and not giving the person who hurt you a second chance.

“It’s been so long since you walked out my door. Now you’re just an old song nobody sings anymore.”

2. “Only Worse”

Here’s another one you may have missed from back in the day. Released in 1998, “Only Worse” is once again about heartbreak but these lyrics honor those first intense feelings that are hard to describe. This track is fast-paced from the start like a heart racing to find consolation.

“It’s kinda like fallin’ from the sky when you’re up a mile high and your parachute won’t open. Kinda like clingin’ to the bottom of the bottom when the bottom drops out. It’s kinda like a heartache, only worse.’

3. “Once You’ve Heard the Truth.”

Released in 1999, “Once You’ve Heard the Truth,” narrates the devastating scene of a man and his wife and the harrowing moment an affair divides them. “Just a solitary slip of the tongue, another woman’s name,” confirms her worst fears. The country-rock vibe intensifies the irreparable damage taking place.

“Once you’ve heard the truth, stared it in the face, once you’ve got the proof, there ain’t no hiding place. It’s like thunder crashing down or a freight train running through you”

4. “Dig Two Graves”

Fast-forward to 2008 for an entirely different kind of heartbreak from Travis’ tender ballad “Dig Two Graves.” This song anticipates the unfathomable pain felt when losing one’s partner at the end of life. It’s a very sad but romantic track about not wanting to live another day if his love’s gone because she is “the air I breathe, the reason there’s life in these bones.”

5. “Fool’s Love Affair”

Released in 2020, this track had actually been recorded as a demo much earlier on and was buried in storage. Its slow-paced grit brilliantly reflects the emptiness and guilt of an affair. The lyrics capture an out-of-body experience of anticipated regret.

“It’s a fool’s love affair and we’re both aware. It’s a game and nobody wins.”

Happy Birthday, Randy Travis!

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