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Undiscovered: 5 Rascal Flatts Songs We Know You'll Love

Rascal Flatts is one of the biggest bands in country music, and for good reason. They have a unique sound that has transversed the country genre, bringing in fans from rock, pop, R&B, etc. Since they announced the band is breaking up, the band has not seen a decrease in fame. This is partially due to the powerful sound lead singer Gary Levox has. Levox is turning 52 today and to celebrate, here are 5 Rascal Flatts songs you may not know.

1. “See Me Through”

From the band’s debut album, “See Me Through” is a tune that speaks to loving someone with a strength that takes you by surprise. It’s about loving someone to the point of being able to depend on them. “See me through / This aching heart has come so far / To be with you.” The truth of the song is to fall in love is to find someone that sees who you are, and loves you despite your flaws.

2. “Oklahoma-Texas Line”

Released in 2004, “Oklahoma-Texas Line” is from the album Feels Like Today. It’s the perfect feel-good love song with a rhythm that makes you want to dance and twirl around by the campfire. It’s a relatable, school-girl kind of love. “Everything I love is there inside / A little brick house with a black top drive / Big oak tree with our names carved on the side.” It’s impossible to listen to this song without feeling good from its trademark Rascal Flatts sound.

3. “Summer Young”

Nothing Like This was an album full of great songs, and “Summer Young” was no exception. This track is nearly 7 minutes long and it’s worth every second with its beautiful lovesick sound. The tune reminds one of a romantic daze. “And all the stars up there for getting in line / And shining down on / That boardwalk you and I strolled down.” This song showcases Rascal Flatts’ ability to merge genres with its rock undertones; it's the epitome of the skill the band has showcased for years.

4. “Roller Rink”

From the album Back To Us, “Roller Rink” is a song sure to set butterflies alight in any fan’s stomach. It’s romantic and assertive. “Get ready baby, 'cause I'm takin' you out / On a trip back in time to the edge of town / Live it up with the laid back style.” With Levox singing about an old-school kind of love, this tune is a dream come true for any diehard fan.

5. “She Must Like Broken Hearts”

Rewind Deluxe featured 4 songs the original album did not, and this track was one of them. “She Must Like Broken Hearts” gives off the honkytonk vibe every country fan loves. Despite its sappy lyrics, this tune has a sound perfect for dancing. “She must like broken hearts ‘cause she breaks them all the time / It’s every single day and every night, night, night / She got that kinda something make a grown man cry.” Levox’s country twang is one that is featured perfectly on this track.

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