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Undiscovered: 5 Tim McGraw Songs We Think You’ll Love

Tim McGraw has had a long career in country music and shows absolutely no signs of stopping as he recently released a new album, Here On Earth, his 15th studio album. McGraw is widely known across the world and is even given nods in other artists’ music, most notably “Tim McGraw” by Taylor Swift. His music is featured everywhere from television and films to hockey goal songs and NFL highlight reels. Today we’re celebrating his birthday and featuring five of his songs you should know.

1. “Highway Don’t Care," Two Lanes of Freedom (2013)

“Highway Don’t Care” was released in 2013 on McGraw’s album Two Lanes of Freedom, featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban this song could not get any more country.  The rough growl of Urban’s guitars contrasts beautifully with Swift’s gentle vocals to create a lovesick melody begging their partner to come home.