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Undiscovered: 5 Toby Keith Songs We Think You’ll Love

Toby Keith has been writing with a sense of humor and a few divisive opinions since boisterously becoming a country music household name in the early 2000s. Today is his birthday, so we’re taking a look at five Toby Keith songs that you may have missed and will definitely love.

1. “Under The Fall” from Keith’s self-titled debut album is a clever song about getting over heartbreak.

“It’s gonna get bad before it gets better. You can cry and cry, but he still won’t call. It’s gonna get sad, maybe even sadder. But you’re not over the heartache, you’re still under the fall.”

2. “I Know a Wall When I See One” released in 1999 on Keith’s album, How Do You Like Me Now?! is about hitting the proverbial wall when trying to move on from heartbreak.

“The hurt had stopped. At least that’s what I thought. Up until what used to be walked in.”

3. “I Can’t Take You Anywhere” shows off Keith’s vocal range with thoughtful lyrical double-entendres from his 2001 album Pull My Chain.

“You’d think from all the tears I cried th