Undiscovered: 6 Brett Eldredge Songs We Think You’ll Love

After taking a break from releasing new music following his deluxe edition of his holiday album Glow, the later released Sunday Drive in 2020 and Mr. Christmas in 2021 left fans loving all of the new music from the singer-songwriter. Earlier hits like “Don’t Ya,”“Beat of the Music,” and “Drunk on Your Love,” often outshine some of the lyrical and narrative gems where Eldredge’s passion is so clearly shared. In honor of the 2016 ACM nominee for Male Vocalist of the Year’s birthday, we have collected six Brett Eldredge songs you may have missed.

1. “Magnolia” from Sunday Drive (2020)

Some of our favorites from Eldredge include when he weaves in real-life experiences, and

often particular ones such as his 2015 title track, “Illinois.” Still, nothing tops his personal

spins on his songs more than his nostalgic “Magnolia.”

“I was the third string tight end / 6’2” and shy / She was the banker’s daughter / Was

the middle of July.”

2. “Then You Do” from Sunday Drive (2020)

The classic rollercoaster of love is shared in this honest confession of what happens

when you…

“Never thought you’d find forever, and then you do / Then straight out of the blue /

When you least expect her to / She says “Goodbye” and rips your world in two.”

3. “Heartbreaker” from Brett Eldredge (2017)

If you’re a fan of trying to race and sing his 2017 lyric-packed “Somethin’ I’m Good At,"

you will love what he did with this one.

“You’re a beautiful time waster / You’re a shake my worth, a quaker / You’re the best

heartbreaker I know.”

4. “Fire” from Illinois (2015)

The starting track on his 2015 album Illinois begins with an upbeat and energy-packed

song about being caught up in a woman’s enticing fire.

“Battin’ those eyes / Covered in smoke / Face as red as a dirty joke / Shakin’ those hips /

Lickin’ those lips / Doin’ what you do to get the whole room lit.”

5. “Signs” from Bring You Back (2013)

A common theme in country music is nostalgia and pride in hometowns. In the song,

Eldredge walks you through his small-town Paris, Illinois and says, “If you wanna know what’s goin’ on in this little town / All you gotta do is read the signs.”

6. “Sunday Drive” from Sunday Drive (2020)

The title track to his 2020 album is the perfect representation of the journey you are in for when you begin this album. The organic and stripped-down elements are the opposite of some of the upbeat tunes that Eldredge is most well known for. The song begins with a gentle piano to highlight the intent in his vocals as he shares the story of a Sunday drive.

“That’s where I learned it all from them / To fight, to love, to laugh again / Man, I

thought we were only wasting time / Out on a Sunday drive.”

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