Undiscovered: Five Cam Songs That Made Us Fall in Love With Her All Over Again

Along with the success of her all popular song “Burning House,” Cam has released a plethora of great tracks that deserve just as much appreciation. On her 37th birthday, we acknowledge these songs in celebration of the California native turned country music princess.

1. “Diane” from Palace (Cover) / Diane (2018)

“And all those nights that he’s given to me / I wish that I could give them back to you / Diane, I promise I didn’t know that he was your man / I would have noticed a gold wedding band / Diane, I’d rather you hate me than not understand.”

2. “Girl Like Me” from the album The Otherside (2020)

“Well, they’re gonna give up on you / You’re gonna give up on them / And if it’s somebody you really love / You’re gonna find a way to love ‘em again / You’re gonna have to learn to forgive yourself / And not take it so personally / Yeah, take it from a girl like me.”

3. “My Mistake” from the album My Mistake (2015)

“Just another heartache in waitin’ / Just another sweet talkin’ dream that ends in lonely nights / Just another handsome breakup / And he’ll be gone before the mornin’ light / But he’s my mistake to make all night.”

4. “Road To Happiness” single (2018)

“I’m takin’ time to ask myself / Just where I wanna be / There’s a flower growin’ in the ground / Worried just like me / But does he love the sun so much / That he don’t mind the weeds / On this road to happiness.”

5. “Redwood Tree” from the album The Otherside (2020)

“Oh, redwood tree / Don’t you recognize me? / Know it’s not much time for you / But it’s been decades for me / Oh, redwood tree / Sorry I had to leave / An eager mind and a teenage heart / Can get hooked on a dream.

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