Undiscovered: Five Devin Dawson Songs We Think You’ll Love

As Devin Dawson wraps up opening for Zac Brown Band on tour, we are hopeful that the “Dark Horse” singer brings some more tunes into 2022, like “All on Me,” Dawson’s debut single. In honor of Blake Shelton’s co-writer for the 2019 ACM Single of the Year, “God’s Country” and the 2017 ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year nominee’s birthday, we made a list of a few of his songs we know you will love.

1. “Asking For A Friend” from Dark Horse: Songs in the Key of F (Live) (2018)

“Let’s say that someone wanted to dance / Would he have any snowball in hell of a chance / To get you out on the floor before this slow song ends? / Oh hey, I’m just asking for a friend.”

Although this song is on the original Dark Horse album, this edition allows his raw emotion to shine even more. The perfect opportunity to dance with that special someone who is just asking for a friend.

2. “Symptoms” from Dark Horse (2018)

“I started losing sleep, couldn’t catch a wink / High fever in the sheets, knees getting weak / My heart was skipping beats / She was running deep like a toxin that’s all in my system.”

You will love this if you like raw, intimate songs like “Earned It” by The Weeknd.

3. “Range Rover” from The Pink Slip EP (2021)

“I’m looking for a girl who sees past blown speakers / And a broke AC and a bench seat / With a quarter-million miles on the motor / And she was looking for that Range Rover.”

Check out this music video below with his wife, Leah. The happy couple celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary in October. We’re definitely excited she didn’t mind that he drove a pickup with a broken AC and a bench seat! Dawson describes the song he wrote with Ben Rector as, “If Kanye’s Gold Digger was a country song.”

4. “War Paint” from Dark Horse (2018)

“Black mascara, Moulin Rouge / Blood red lipstick, high heeled shoes / It’s her turn to do him wrong / That ain’t makeup she got on / It’s war paint, war paint / Go on girl and make that man feel your pain.”

Did you just find your new favorite post-breakup anthem?

5. “He Loved Her” from The Pink Slip EP (2021)

“He had a dog, he drank a beer / He drove the same truck fifteen years / He built a house up on some dirt / He wore his first name on his shirt / He said a prayer, got up at dawn / Showed up to cheer the home team on / He earned his keep and kept his word / He lived his life and he loved her.”

Watch the music video below with Dawson’s grandpa, a WW2 veteran, “who lived his life like a country song.”

After the 2020 hit single “One Beer” with Hardy and Lauren Alaina, Dawson released The Pink Slip EP in 2021. On his birthday, let’s raise a beer to 2022 in hopes for some new relatable hits to add to this list.

Happy birthday, Devin Dawson!

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