Undiscovered: Five Mickey Guyton Songs We Think You’ll Love

Mickey Guyton has been making her name known in the country music world. People have especially been talking about her as an artist more recently as she now has the honor to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year on Sunday, February 13th. Her latest album titled Remember Her Name as well as the title track on the record, have been nominated for this year’s Grammy Awards for Best Country Song and Album. To help lead up to her big moments, we traveled through her music portfolio to discover songs from Guyton that you might not know of yet. Here is a list of the five best-underrated songs from Mickey Guyton’s growing discography.

1. “Unbreakable” (2014)

Guyton’s first EP, Unbreakable, features four acoustic songs that served as an excellent opportunity to show off her vocal talent. Sharing a name with the album, the song “Unbreakable” carries a gentle instrumental composition of banjo, fiddle, and guitar blended with a soothing voice. Guyton provides an empowering track with one of her first music releases.

“We’ll just keep picking ourselves up off the ground / Sometimes we gotta burn to learn that there’s a fire in us all.”

2. “Pretty Little Mustang” (2015)

Originally appearing on her “Unbreakable” EP as an acoustic version, this revised version appeared a year later on her second EP, the self-titled Mickey Guyton. Compared to the previous version with pure acoustics, this newer track is more upbeat and fits into a live concert as it merges into a rock-country style. It’s an anthemic song of finding pride in yourself.

“Go on and light up the dark just like a firefly / Drop every jaw in the room when you walk by.”

3. “Better Than You Left Me” (2015)

“Better Than You Left Me” became the lead single from her self-titled EP. This song became most requested from country radio stations and led to Guyton’s further fame during its release. Once again, we have another piece from Guyton that lyrically presents a resistant woman standing strong.

“No baby, I don’t think you know me anymore / I’m better than you left me.”

4. “Rosé” (2020)

Since there are plenty of country songs about drinking whiskey and beer, Guyton decided there needs to be one should be for rosé lovers. It’s a light and bubbly country tune that’s sure to lay down some kicked-back vibes for the friend group. Guyton’s song “Rosé” comes from her 2020 EP Bridges.

“Everything’s gonna look brighter / When you see it through a rose-colored glass.”

5. “Bridges” (2020)

Guyton’s song “Bridges,” which also shares its name with the EP, is a song that encourages people to join together. It is a deep song that carries a lot of meaning for her. Rather than focusing on division and differences, Guyton would instead act on love and equality. “Bridges” is a genuine tune that works to connect people, just like its name insinuates.

“What if I reach for you, you reach for me, close the distance? / What if that space between changed, if we started building?”

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