Undiscovered: Five Reba McEntire Songs We Know You’ll Love

On March 28th , 1955, the country superstar, Reba McEntire, was born in her home state of Oklahoma. McEntire’s extensive career has polished the way people view and listen to country music, therefore, we at The Nash News want to celebrate this icon. In her honor, here is a look at five underrated tracks from McEntire's discography. Happy Birthday, Reba!

1. "It's Not Over (If I'm Not Over You)"

“Over You” has some incredibly beautiful lyrics that describe the feeling of not being over the emotions you have for someone you once loved. You can hear the raw emotion McEntire pours into this song, specifically when she sings, "But there's something that I like you to know / It's never really over even though you say we're through / You may be holding me but can't you see it's not over if I'm not over you."

2. “Why Not Tonight”

This track is perfect for a night out on the town. “Why Not Tonight” is an upbeat, dancing song that is classically McEntire. The fast-paced tempo and guitar background really make McEntire’s strong vocals stand out. Even the lyrics are a good time as she exclaims, “Then if you're up for doing some dancing / Yeah I know a place they dance until the dawn / Anything you like will be alright / So why not take a chance and come along."

3.“Waitin’ For The Deal To Go Down”

McEntire has such a unique voice that is easy to identify. In this classic, the listener can definitely hear McEntire’s southern twang. This upbeat piece is full of energy and McEntire’s stunning vocal range. Her lyrics match well, “I don't like what I been thinkin' / If it's true, Oh you know I'm a fool / Face to face you promise me forever / But the ring's still sittin' in a store downtown / And I'm still sittin' here / Waitin' for the deal to go down."

4. "For Herself"

The beautiful ballad“For Herself” was released on McEntire’s 17th studio album, It’s Your Call. The album hit number one on the country album chart. McEntire co-wrote this song, giving her a chance to show off her writing skills. Her hand-written lyrics include, “Somehow she always knew she had the strength inside / And even if she fell she'd survive / In spite of all the tears she may cry / This is how she has to live her life / As hard as it may be, she has to find out for herself."

5. “In The Garden/Wonderful Peace” ft. The Isaacs

In 2017, McEntire released a gospel album consisting of two discs. The first disc contains traditional hymns, and the second disc contains original songs. This cover is beautifully done by McEntire and her background vocalists. She sings so softly the lyrics with passion, “I come to the garden alone / While the dew is still on the roses / And the voice I hear, falling on my ear / The Son of God discloses."

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