Undiscovered: Five Songs from Loretta Lynn's Deep Catalog

Loretta Lynn is an iconic woman who had a groundbreaking role in country music, specifically for paving the way fellow female artists. Lynn is a talented singer and songwriter who has a growing career reaching 60 years. In her first year being active, 1960, she also made her first appearance at the Grand Ole Opry. Just about 30 years later, in 1988, she would join the Country Music Hall of Fame. Lynn has a country heart, and it sings through her music. We pulled together five tunes from her wonderfully deep discography for her birthday.

1. "You’re Lookin’ At Country" (1971)

An inspired Lynn wrote this swinging tune as she explored the countryside during an early tour. After her hit song, “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” she shifted gears with this love song. The track resonated with many listeners reaching #5 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. “If your eyes are on me, you’re lookin’ at country,” sings Lynn with pride.

2. "Paper Roses" (1975)

This is an old country tune that sways through the room. It’s an acoustic-strung song accompanied by a sorrowful piano and steel guitar that seems to cry away against the heartbroken lyrics. It’s a track that recognizes the deceiving imitation of love that has taken place in a relationship – hence the paper roses instead of real ones.

3. "Back to the Country" (1975)

A group of string instruments kicks off this chugging track. A pleasant overlap of steel guitar and harmonica nestles this tune into the countryside. Lynn is singing about city life not working out in her favor, so she turns back home to the country. She brings about a positive and playful side to this track.

4. "Country in My Genes" (2000)

Like “Back to the Country,” this is another country pride anthem, and it features a melody of acoustic and steel guitars plus a banjo. Lynn proudly sings that they could never take the country out of her in this tune. Being country is something to be proud of.

5. "Wouldn’t It Be Great?" (2018)

This Grammy-nominated tune is an original by Lynn; it’s a personal track that swims around topics such as alcoholism. While she didn’t openly sing it around her husband’s presence, the song stems from his drinking habits. Lynn ponders what life and love could have been like if not for the presence of alcohol as she states,“Say you love me just one time, with a sober mind.”

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