Undiscovered: Five Trisha Yearwood Songs We Think You’ll Love

Celebrated country music star Trisha Yearwood was born in Monticello, Georgia, and started her career in Music City singing back-up for Garth Brooks. Yearwood then rose to fame in her own right with her debut single “She’s in Love With the Boy” which charted at No. 1 on the Billboard country singles chart in 1991. 

Yearwood has had a successful career as a country music artist selling over 15 million records worldwide and winning many prestigious country music awards. She has also seen mainstream success as an author of cookbooks and as a television personality on Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. To celebrate this powerhouse’s birthday, we are looking back at five Yearwood songs you may have missed.

1. “The Woman Before Me” (1991) from the album Trisha Yearwood

“The woman before me must have been hard on you ’cause that hurt in your eyes, I never put you through. Sometimes I think you must be talking to the woman before me and you.”

2. “Lonesome Dove” (1991) from the album Trisha Yearwood

“Lonesome dove, we’re not that different. You sing a sad song but you’re not alone. You’ve been forever forsaken by the one that you love. I know how you feel lonesome dove. Ooh, I know how you feel lonesome dove.”

3. “Here Comes Temptation” (1993) from the album The Song Remembers When

“Oh, I’m looking at paradise. Oh, I’m looking at paradise. Here comes temptation tempting me with you. Here comes temptation, tempted to get close to you. Here comes temptation, tempting me with you.”

4. “Fairy Tale” (1995) from the album Thinkin’ About You

“But it was all nothing but a fairytale, never comin’ true. It was all nothing but a fairytale until I found you.”

5. “Under The Rainbow” (1996) from the album Everybody Knows

“Some people dream about streets paved with gold only to find a yellow brick road. We know the way that story goes. Here under the rainbow people pass us by.”

Happy birthday, Trisha Yearwood!

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