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Vanessa Lynn Bird "Tinderella" Song Review

Vanessa Lynn Bird has delivered a new song that eye catching, and extremely relatable. "Tinderella" is a dating anthem that as can be assume by the title, is inspired by a Cinderella type story.

Bird hails from the great state of Texas where country music runs strong. Having discovered her love of music at an early age, Bird started performing in her first band back in 2011. She has performed all over Texas including the National Anthem at Spurs’ and Dallas Stars' games.In 2018, she was nominated as a top 5 finalist for Texas CMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year. The singer made the move to Nashville in 2021 and has since worked with writers and producers who are helping to shape her sound. Her debut EP, Burn Brighter, was released to rave reviews. Her recent single is titled “Love of Your Life,” which adds to her building resume.

"Tinderella" is a song perfect for 2023. Bird's music video to go along with the song further steers into her humorous storyline. "This music video is a modern take on a Cinderella story, but with a twist. Tinderella meets her Prince Charming on Tinder, but he’s not who he claimed to be," says bird per press release. Getting catfished happens all too often in today's dating world, so to have that incorporated in a country song is certainly refreshing.

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