Walker County “Liar” Song Review

Rising country music duo Walker County is at it again. Born in Sulphur Springs, Indiana, the Walker sisters have been dazzling their ever-growing fanbase with hits like “Drag it Out,” “Someone’s Someone,” and “Bits & Pieces.” With Ivy Dene singing lead vocals harmonized by her younger sister Sophie Dawn who also plays drums, this triumphant familial sensation has released another killer song “Liar” that dropped Friday, October 1st. 


There’s something very unique about Walker County’s sound that resonates from the first notes of “Liar.” Ivy’s vocal range is impressive and ever so slightly subdued in this track to let the blend of genres and melodies shine. The rock edge as a backdrop to the poetic, witty rhythm combined with Ivy’s traditional twang and youthful energy works to make a country song that is fun and original. The magical musical chemistry of the Walker sisters propels this track and the lyrics are fresh but also clever.

“Liar” expresses a vulnerable feeling that just about anyone can relate to of needing to trick yourself out of love. It’s a bit like the advice to smile to be happy. Perhaps if we lie to ourselves that we’re over a broken heart, it will eventually be true.

"Liar" by Walker County

“I know I’m not tryin’ to fool anybody but me, myself, and I. But if it makes me feel better then, mm, what the hell? I’m wеarin’ my poker face tonight. Gonna stand in the mirror, makе me a believer. I don’t give a damn about you. If I say it enough, then maybe it’ll come true.”

“Liar” is an enjoyable, honest track by the Walker sisters who burst with talent, creativity, and an authentic sound that is all their own.

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