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Walker Hayes ‘Country Stuff’ EP Review

Walker Hayes just dropped an EP called Country Stuff, and it’s just in time for summer. 

It starts off with the title track, “Country Stuff (feat. Jake Owens),” which breaks down all of the stuff that country music fans love about being from the south. Everyone can listen to country music, but only real country people will relate to this song, where he sings, “I like green tractors, Dukes of Hazard, and grits.” It’s all about living the lifestyle, not just talking the talk.

The next track is right along the same vein, where he sings “we’re fancy like Applebee’s on a date night.” The song is called “Fancy Like,” and it’s all the things that country people consider “fancy,” that city dwellers might see as a little less than elegant. 

“Make You Cry” is the next track on the project, which is totally different than its name might suggest. It’s all about how he loves when his wife gets so happy that she cries, and that makes him feel like he’s really doing something nice. It’s great to hear a man singing so openly about simply wanting to make his woman happy. 

The second half of the EP slows down a little. The third, “I Hope You Miss Me,” is about that feeling when you hope that your ex is okay, but not quite over you yet.

“What If We Did (feat. Carly Pearce),” is the fifth track, and if you’re nervous to enter a relationship, this is the song for you. It’s all about jumping in head first, because what if everything goes right? What if that’s your soulmate?

“Briefcase (feat. Lori McKenna),” is about how he hated when his father had his briefcase, because that meant that he was going to be too busy working to hang out with him. It’s all about wanting to be like him, but wanting to be closer to his family, too. 

It’s a great EP, and it features songs that are perfect for the summer, but also songs that you can listen to while you relax. It shows his great versatility as an artist, and the features all compliment his voice beautifully.