Walker Hayes “Country Stuff” featuring Jake Owen

Walker Hayes has made waves in country music before with his song “You Broke Up With Me.” He’s back at it again for the first time since his album 8Tracks (Vol. 3): Black Sheep. Walker Hayes’ newest single “Country Stuff” featuring Jake Owen was released today. It’s got a vibe that slaps so hard you won’t be able to help bobbing along to the twangy guitar.

“Country stuff” has a groove that’ll get cowboys and girls all over TikTok creating some boot kicking dances because they won’t be able to help but get down to this track. The song written by Hayes with Adam Stark and Joe Thibodeau is more than a list of everything rustic. It’s a fresh take on what there is to love about backwoods living. If “home is where the heart is”, Hayes’ home is entwined with everything country. The lively, boozy feel shows the life that Walker Hayes and Jake Owen breathed into this track.

The production is a perfect mix of simplicity and smooth swinging guitar that has as much flavor as your grandma’s home-cooked turnip greens. The call and response create the illusion of a campfire shindig; Folks sporting their favorite flannels with a paper plate full of barbeque, a bucket of ice-cold beer, jamming with a couple of acoustic guitars. With background dialog dancing around the vocals and percussive guitar, Hayes and Owen will have you jamming to the very last note of “Country Stuff”, only to leave you craving those country dirt roads enough to hit that play button one more time. 

Walker Hayes Country Stuff

Get ready to be daydreaming about a good ole country time. Be sure to crank it up, in that lifted truck, on your way to your favorite mudding spot. It’ll have you popping your favorite brew by a bonfire, with high hopes of a creamy bowl of grits to cure tomorrow’s hangover.

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