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Walker Hayes "Face In The Crowd" Song Review

Most known for hits like “Fancy Like” and “AA,” Walker Hayes has just released his new, softer single “Face In The Crowd.” If there is anyone who is the definition of if you work for it, you can get it, it's Hayes.

After almost a decade of living in Nashville trying to become a professional musician, Hayes finally got a top 10 hit in 2017, “You Broke Up With Me.” After that the rest is history. He blew up again on TikTok With “Fancy Like” and gained hundreds of fans plus a Grammy nomination. Listeners will love his new single “Face In The Crowd” just as much.

This love song will pull right on the heartstrings as Hayes sings full of admiration for his wife. Her "face in the crowd" means more than anything else to the superstar who has fallen into an upwards spiral, gaining new fans at a rapid pace.

He exclaims, “All I ever cared about, all I ever cared about / Was your face in the crowd / Your face in the crowd smiling at me / Even though you know the mess behind these six strings / So when my fifteen minutes ends / And the world loves me a little less / I hope you know that you're the only one I was trying to impress."

These heartfelt lyrics get his message across perfectly and show a softer side of the now household name. After tracks like "Y'all Life," "AA," and "Fancy Like," "Face In The Crowd" is the perfect breath of fresh air in Hayes' discography. Being paired with a soft drum beat and simple guitar chords makes the song so much more personal, which will have listeners falling in love.

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