World Music Therapy Day: 5 Healing Country Songs

March 1st marks the annual celebration of World Music Therapy Day. Music therapy recognizes the healing powers of music and its positive effects on the physical and mental wellbeing of people of all ages. We compiled a list of five country songs that are filled with healing and encouragement.

1. “Good Day” by Brett Eldredge

This upbeat song radiates positivity. Eldredge makes it a point to spread the message that one can choose to have a good day regardless of what happens.

2. “Smile Again” by Brooke Lambert

After experiencing a traumatic event, Lambert wrote this song to provide strength to those that have dealt with similar situations. The final line “You took the strongest of girls, but I promise you that I will smile again,” gives hope that people can endure the unspeakable.

3. “Fighting” by Tyler Joe Miller

In this emotional song, Miller describes overcoming his inner battles. The lyrics “There’s a long road in front of me, there’s a lot I finally see / I’m done hidin’/ Still ain’t the man I wanna be but I’m still fightin.’” offer a sense of encouragement that fighting through life’s obstacles is worthwhile.

4. “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw

Lori McKenna specifically wrote this song to dictate the principles her five children should live by. Later recorded by McGraw, this popular country hit helps us remember to stay positive no matter what life throws at us.

5. “Therapy” by Taylor Acorn

While this song details more anguish and despair than the others on this list, Acorn’s lyrics still spark the idea of helping oneself by going to therapy when options seem to be limited.

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