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Wyatt Edmondson "Code Of The West" Song Review

Nashville’s next rising star, Wyatt Edmondson, released his newest single, “Code of the West” on August 18, 2023. Edmondson is from the city of Montgomery, Alabama, but moved to Nashville in 2017 after attending Troy University to study music. He takes his inspiration from guitar players like Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Bruce Springsteen, and even Bob Marley. This newcomer has faced trials and tribulations, but nothing could stop him from doing what he loves. Here is a deeper dive into “Code of the West”

“Code of the West” starts with a gentle guitar. Edmondson’s lyrics are peaceful and paint a picture of a quiet wild west. Within this picture, we see a hard-working man just trying to support his family. It is a simple thing, yet Edmondson gives such grace and meaning to it. According to a press release from Edmondson’s team, he states, “This song came to life thanks to a project called The American Song. This opportunity takes 50 songwriters and 50 individuals, one from each of the 50 states, and pairs them up to tell a story. 'Code of the West' is inspired by the actual life of a working-class family man from the

great state of Wyoming.” With origin in mind, it is impressive that Edmondson could take an idea and collaborate with others to form a cohesive and thoughtful storyline. Simply put, this soft story told by a gentle Edmondson is timeless.

The single, “Code of the West” is out and available wherever you listen to music. Be sure to follow Wyatt Edmondson and his rise to success here:

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