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You're Invited To: Anna Vaus & Friends Writer's Round

The Nash News is excited to hold an Anna Vaus & Friends Writer's Round on Thursday, October 13th from 7-10 p.m. at Assembly Food Hall in downtown Nashville. Artists playing include Anna Vaus, Madison Kozak, Dan Wilson, Alyssa Newton, Ben Roberts, and Twinnie.

Get to know the artists and their music below!

Anna Vaus

Raised in Southern California and rooted in Country music, Anna Vaus blends her West Coast cool with refreshing hooks and unmistakably relatable lyrics. Her “honest girl pop country,” is simultaneously personal and universal.

Anna’s recent releases include her sophomore EP, Wild Honey, which she co-produced with Luke Laird, and the single, “No One’s Fault,” which she co-wrote with JP Saxe and co-produced with Kevin Monahan. Her latest release, "Didn't Even Date" is out now.