You're Invited To: Raleigh Keegan & Friends Writer's Round

The Nash News is excited to host a Raleigh Keegan & Friends Writer's Round that coincides with the release of his new EP A Tale of 7 Cities on Thursday, June 23rd from 7-10 p.m. at Assembly Food Hall in downtown Nashville.

Get to know the artists and their music!

Raleigh Keegan

Breakout country artist Raleigh Keegan, was born in the Ohio State Penitentiary as his mother was incarcerated due to drug charges. He was then adopted a few days later into a large loving family in Ohio. His songwriting often pulls from his unconventional upbringing and he has spent his career as an independent artist growing his fan base, with nearly 150K social media followers and more than 200K monthly listeners across platforms. Raleigh Keegan will be releasing his third official EP June 24.

Mark Narmore

Alabama native Mark Narmore, has more than 80 songs recorded by major artists including 11 songs cowritten and recorded by Josh Turner. His songwriting is also featured on Raleigh Keegan’s upcoming EP A Tale of 7 Cities. Narmore has over 30 years of experience as a songwriter and was recognized for his contributions to the music industry with bronze star in the Alabama Music Hall of Fame's Walk of Stars.

Alex Dooley

Virginia native, Alex Dooley has become a Music City staple in the songwriting community. His versatility, and carefully crafted lyrics, have earned him immense respect among his co-writers, who include Earl Bud Lee (Garth Brooks), Rob Snyder (Luke Combs), Brian Carper (Walker McGuire), Josh Johnson (Kane Brown) and Jordan Walker (Luke Combs) just to name a few.