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Zac Brown Band and Blake Shelton "Out in the Middle" Song Review

From the first note, “Out in the Middle,” showcases the beautiful country sound that Zac Brown Band and Blake Shelton are known for. Their latest collaboration, and most recent single, was released today and its country-rock sound is reminiscent of a summer night concert. It’s a new version of Zac Brown Band’s song by the same name from the album The Comeback. Adding Shelton’s skillful vocals creates a new depth to the song not heard previously.

The song touches on the southern roots of both the band and Shelton as they sing, “That’s where I wanna be / In the old oak shade / By the family graves / With the southern ground on me.” Their upbringing is something that both the band and Shelton often sing about, particularly the humble beginnings they had growing up in the south.

The lyrics speak to a journey from the country to the big city, “Just some good old boys / And good old girls / Hunting red dirt dreams / In a concrete world.” The trek from a rural youth to an urban success did not take the love of country living out of the band or Shelton, and this song proves that. It brings together two of the biggest names in country music and their connection to their listeners, particularly those living a life “out in the middle.”

"Out in the Middle" with Blake Shelton will be featured on the upcoming deluxe edition of The Comeback. The recent announcement and the new collaboration was released not long after one Zac Brown Band’s founding members John Driskell Hopkins was diagnosed with ALS. His battle with the illness has inspired the band to partake in their own fight: by raising money for his new foundation, “Hop on a Cure.” Hopefully the publicity from the band will continue to help Hopkins and his foundation.

Both Shelton and Zac Brown Band are on their own national tours as of right now, get your tickets while you can to see each perform in a city near you.

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