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Zach Bryan "American Heartbreak" Album Review

Zach Bryan, an artist truly on the cusp of a great career, has released his highly anticipated album American Heartbreak. This record is the first official studio album from the singer-songwriter who is set to open for Luke Combs this summer.

Bryan has quickly become one of the most adored young artists in the country music landscape. He somehow has been able to blend the old-school sound with today's social media explosion. His fan base has been built up in a more grass-roots style that is not always seen. Everyone seems to fall in love with his authenticity. When Bryan first posted about the album he said, "Here's an album I wrote with pain, laughter, humility, love, and honesty. I didn't call it American Heartbreak after a tacky love story, but because we all face trials every day and put ourselves back together every single time regardless." With over 30 songs on the track list, Bryan takes his fans on quite the journey.

"Something In The Orange" is a track that showcases Bryan's artistry. "To You I'm just a a man, to me you're all I am, where the hell and I supposed to go? I poisoned myself again, something' in the orange tells me you're never coming' home." He is able to write a song about the pain of a lost love that feels new and fresh.

"From Austin" is another track that has understated power. The song is about searching, in all its forms. "Babe I've gotta heal myself of the things I've never felt, repression is my heaven, but id rather go through hell." The chorus picks up steam with a bit of a country-rock influence. "Bout time that I left Austin, bout time you settled down, with a man who doesn't move as quick, as a train going through town, bout time that I fake, the hard times I've let go, love was just an ocean, I would drown before I'd float."

The cohesive record continues with "Open The Gate." Bryan's storytelling on this song is worthy of a comparison to Cash or Williams Sr. "I heard you died out in Cheyenne, with my mother's ring on your hand, a note in your pocket said I love you till I die." The melody throughout the song takes you on a ride in Bryan's mind. It's catchy just as much as it is authentic.