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Zach Bryan Shares His Story on 'The Joe Rogan Experience'

While Zach Bryan has become a star in the music industry, he rarely does revealing interviews. Bryan is the latest guest to appear on Joe Rogan's popular podcast in which he talked about a variety of topics, proving he is as authentic as his songs. From his life in the Navy to handling success, he shares more of himself than he has before. Here are the highlights from his interview on The Joe Rogan Experience.

"I never envisioned being a musician."

Bryan's roots in the U.S. Navy go deeper than just himself. His father, mother, and grandfather served, so naturally that was what he saw for himself. "I was so devoted to being in the Navy.

"I had a lot of shit going on...and I started just making music, and I started just posting it on Twitter."

The reigning ACM New Male Artist of the Year shared that music was his outlet since therapy was deemed "crazy" in the Navy. Writing and singing proved to be a way for Bryan to express himself, and people started listening.

He was honorably discharged from the Navy to pursue music.

Bryan said not to quote him on this, but he believes that Elvis Presley was one of the only other service members to be honorably discharged for music purposes. In Bryan's case, it came unexpectedly and not by his choice. "My gunner was like, 'Hey man this is getting crazy, you gotta get out of the Navy.' I was like okay, whatever, do I have to?" It ended up taking eight months for his paperwork to get processed before he was discharged.