10 More Country Songs To Drink Beer To: ‘90s Edition

The ‘90s was a decade that gave us great country music. Some of the best songs were feel-good anthems fit for any party. Songs that made you want to raise a glass seemed like they were everywhere. Drinking beer to country music was a favorite pastime back then as it is now. Here are our picks for the 10 best country songs to drink beer to: ‘90s edition.

1. “Beer and Bones” by John Michael Montgomery (1993)

“I ain’t nothing but beer and bones, honey, since I lost you.”

2. “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” by Kenny Chesney (1999)

“She’s the only one who really understands what gets me. She thinks my tractor’s sexy.”

3. “Beer Thirty” by Brooks & Dunn (1999)

“The party starts here, get in line. It’s beer thirty, a honky tonk time.”

4. “Honky Tonk Attitude” by Joe Diffie (1993)

“Well the beer’s on the bar, and the smoke’s in the air. There’s a fool in every corner, man, I just don’t care.”

5. “Party Crowd” by David Lee Murphy (1995)

So for the sake of her feelings, and the sake of my pride, I told her not to worry ‘bout me. So I’m sittin’ here soakin’ up the neon lights, misery looking for some company.”

6. “Six Pack To Go” by George Strait featuring Hank Thompson (1995)

“Hey, mister bartender, please don’t be slow. I got time for one more round, and a six-pack to go.”

7. “I Like It, I Love It” by Tim McGraw (1995)

“But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. I try so hard, I can’t rise above it.”

8. “That Ain’t My Truck” by Rhett Akins (1995)

“That ain’t my truck in her drive, man, this ain’t my day tonight. Looks like she’s in love and I’m out of luck.”

9. “Watermelon Crawl” by Tracy Byrd (1994)

“I was driving through Georgia in late July, on a day hot enough to make the devil sigh.”

10. “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus (1992)

“Don’t tell my heart, my achy breaky heart, I just don’t think he’d understand.”

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