Abbey Cone "King Of The World" Song Review

On April 15th, Abby Cone released her latest single “King of the World.” A Texas native, Cone moved to Nashville when she was only 16 to pursue her musical career. So far, she has come out with two singles, “Rhinestone Ring” and “Hate Me;" the singles precede her first musical collection set to come out on April 22nd.

In “King of the World,” Cone speaks directly to a conceited person in her life as she states “no one’s ever told you no” and “everything you say starts with an I.” Cone feeds into this person's egotistical way of thinking by portraying them as the “King of the World” (hence the title), but she also makes it a point at the end of the chorus to rebuke the actions of the “king” by proclaiming that they only get their way because this “world is so damn small.”

In the second verse, Cone continues to put this person in the place by revealing that all they “can handle is a prom queen to serve you with a silver platter and make it happy ever after.” The royalty metaphors draw listeners into Cone’s argument against the self-absorbed person she rebukes. In between the lines of the chorus, Cone does an endearing, sassy little hum which makes the song even more fun to listen to; it adds an underlying feeling of attitude.

Moreover, Cone creatively creates a casual atmosphere with her musical choices so that she communicates her disapproval in a sophisticated manner. The thoughtful songwriting articulates exactly what it is like to deal with a narcissist.

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