Abby Anderson “Bad Posture” Song Review

Country singer-songwriter Abby Anderson introduced her brand new single online with a message of authenticity to her fans and followers. With a video on TikTok, she said she had written the track about breaking free from people that made her second guess herself. In the same video, Anderson teased the song while singing over a sole piano; the video went on to gain almost half a million views. “Bad Posture” is Anderson’s reclamation of self. It’s the getting up after hard times. It’s relatable, it’s raw, and it’s a delicate, freeing sense of openness.

It begins with soft piano chords and pleasant hums from Anderson. The first line strikes a chord as Anderson sings with passion, “I’d shrink myself to make you feel taller / And I would complain so your problems felt smaller.” From the beginning of “Bad Posture,” Anderson is showcasing brave vulnerability. And that’s what makes the entirety of the three minutes and 12 seconds so special; the courageous lyricism that depicts what struggle looks like without hiding anything. The song, penned by Anderson alongside Anna Vaus whose known for her TikTok virality, has the kind of emotion that moves listeners to the core.

In the chorus, Anderson exclaims, “Burden on my shoulders / All of your words that you put on me like a weight / Yeah I used to have bad posture / But since you’ve been gone / I stand up straight.” Through the twists and turns of life, Anderson finds her lost self blossoming; while hearing her words, she becomes the hero we’re rooting for. 

"Bad Posture" by Abby Anderson

Towards the end of the song, Anderson’s background vocals are lush and melodious as she sings “Oohs” and the words “I’m taller now,” which seem to sum up the liberating message of the track.

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