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Alana Springsteen 'History Of Breaking Up (Part Two)' EP Review

Alana Springsteen has released her new project The History Of Breaking Up (Part Two) after teasing the new music on her socials. This release is the follow-up to her recent project, History Of Breaking Up (Part One).

The singer-songwriter co-wrote every track on this record, as well as produced five of them. "When I look back on where I was as I was writing the songs for History Of Breaking Up (Part One) and then look at where I am now, it’s all a little surreal,” Springsteen admits in a press release. “This project started out as a way for me to find some peace and healing through the heartbreak, but it’s given me so much more: I’ve found a community of the most amazing fans who’ve helped me — and each other — to feel a little less alone."

This collection of songs is unapologetic, melodic, and balances the line between contemporary and nostalgic. "While You're At It" begins the record in a bold way. Springsteen sings about all of the beginning feelings one starts to have for someone. "You said 'I been waiting on this moment all day / It's all I wanted, so give me a minute / Let me take you in.'"

"Close To Me" embodies what it feels like to not be over someone, even when you should be. Springsteen talks of not wanting to give back a sweatshirt because it's better to feel like there is still attachment there.

"You Are" is a track with a similar feel filled with vivid metaphors. This one touches upon being flooded with memories of a person everywhere you look. "You are midnight cabernet / You are headlights in the rain / Down a backroad, in the back seat / Fogging up the windows."

Famed songwriters Shane McAnally, Rhett Akins, and Ashley Gorley wrote "New Number." It's an acoustic, vulnerable song in which Springsteen sings, "If you don't need me / Then you need a new number." Every track on this project brings out a different side of Springsteen, all while saying what every young woman needs to hear.

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