Alana Springsteen "New Number" Song Review

In the newest hit from the country music sensation, singer Alana Springsteen tears at our heartstrings with “New Number," a song about learning to move on from someone despite the ingrained memories which makes it difficult.

While no stranger to the industry, this is Springsteen’s first experience recording an outside cut. She wrote a heartfelt message on social media, "This is also the first and only outside song I've recorded. It won't be the last." She added, "I believe songs that need to be heard always find their way and I'm so grateful this one took its time and eventually found me." Written by well-known country music names like Shane McAnally, Ashley Gorley, and Rhett Akins, the song captures all the emotion of heartbreak into a song which connects to listeners or all backgrounds.

Although the song is slow and rich, it’s still passionate and emotional with lyrics that quickly reach the listener’s heart. Springsteen’s understanding of her own range gives this song intrigue and depth as she showcases all of her vocal talents. The blending of her own angelic voice in the background as well as her lyrics being in the forefront enhance the listening experience and elevate it to an almost ethereal level.

“Let me off the hook so I don’t have to wonder / If you don’t need me / You need a new number.”

While tapping into the best parts of country soundscapes, like the rhythmic guitar and evident drum beats, Springsteen manages to take her audience on a musical journey and demonstrates her ability to make audiences feel what she’s feeling in a remarkable way. The instrumentals and vocals work together in tangent to create an atmosphere with skill.

“Oh, if you wanna help me out / If you wanna let me down easy / If you can’t fool me at all / Yeah the only way that I’ll ever walk away / Is if I can’t even call."

While Spring of 2022 is shaping up to be a great season for country music, the long-awaited song from Alana Springsteen excites and moves listeners like few other pop-infused country tunes can. The Virginia native’s unique signature style is easy to pick up on upon the first listen, and it’s no doubt that this rising star has a lot more planned as she moves towards her bright future.

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