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Alana Springsteen 'twenty something: figuring it out' Album Review

Alana Springsteen is ready to release the next installment of her debut album. twenty something: figuring it out continues to demonstrate how she is a singer-songwriter to keep an eye on.

It's not a far stretch to say there is a special quality to Springsteen's music. While remaining honest and vulnerable, her voice captures moments in time so eloquently. By releasing her album in parts, Springsteen aims to let fans in on her life piece by piece. Being in one's 20s can be a complicated time, full of new experiences and moods. She sings about a variety of topics that can connect with so many. These new six songs will surely strike a cord.

Right off the bat, "ghost in my guitar" stands out with the help of a feature by Chris Stapleton. It's the kind of song that settles deep within the soul. There is a hint of an R&B inspiration that sets it apart. The song itself is about not being able to move on from someone, and how their memory is haunting. "Cause baby you're the ghost in my guitar / tugging on the strings inside my heart / And then I try to write you out / I write you down / It's pouring out again."

While Springsteen's messages and lyrics are rooted in country music's storytelling, she does enjoy blending pop into her music. "here's to all my exes" does just that. The song works as a thank you letter to past loves. "Here's to all my exes / I wish them all the best cause / Every goodbye lead to something brand new / I learned a lot of things that I didn't want to." Springsteen is here to remind everyone that what's meant to be will be.