Ashland Craft “That’s The Kinda Place” Song Review

Big Loud Records country music artist Ashland Craft continues to rock awesome new country music for her ever-growing fanbase as she teases her much-anticipated debut album Travelin’ Kind that drops on September 3rd. The 11th song from that 11-track album is titled “That’s The Kinda Place” and it just dropped on August 20th. This song kicks off the launch of her four-part “Rockin’ Lil’ Band Sessions” video series that you can keep watching for live clips being posted in eager anticipation of the album’s release. 

Craft always matches her big voice with her big heart and big rock influences that are special to her unique, edgy sound. “That’s The Kinda Place” is peak Craft as she belts out a catchy anthem paying homage to her roots growing up in Piedmont, South Carolina. This retrospective celebration of small-town upbringings praises how the kind of place she grew up in shaped her into the artist she is today.

“We were back road barbed wire fence row runners. Dancing to the beat of that small town drummer. Singing through the radio static. We didn’t know how good we had it. We were Texaco parking lot street light dreaming ‘bout 18 heading where the grass gets greener. The place you fall out and back in love with. That’s the kinda place I grew up in.”

Ashland Craft

A fitting song to tie up an album that embraces her wandering, dream-driven soul, “That’s The Kinda Place” acknowledges that where she came from is just as important as the places she’s been and will always be home.

“Never think you’ll miss the slow down of it. Learnin’ lessons from the hard times of it until you get a few miles between the grown-up you and all the used-to-be’s.”

Every track dropped in anticipation of this album release rocks more than the last and cements Craft as a bonafide country rock star.

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