Ashley Cooke “Already Drank That Beer” Song Review

Ashley Cooke’s new song, “Already Drank That Beer” was released today after she teased it on TikTok and went viral with over two million views. This ballad is no love story; it’s about love lost, not love found.

The track opens with a mellow acoustic guitar playing a melancholy yet catchy riff with a second guitar behind it. Shortly, Cooke makes an entrance with her raspy, warm voice to set the scene. With the refreshing amount of space in the track’s instrumentation, the focus is entirely on Cooke’s soothing voice. The story continues on about a love lost, comparing their relationship to booze. She sings, “We both know our last one should be our last. That’s the thing about the high, you forget about the crash.”

Drawing the attention of the listener, most people can relate to having a relationship that follows along with that zinger of a line. In the lyrics, she makes references to New Orleans as she mentions “Bourbon Street” and “How hot it was.” She also draws a parallel between reliving the relationship and reliving going to New Orleans, which would cause them to, “Fall right back together like we don’t know better, like we ain’t been here.” She explains how they’ve already lived the outcome, just as they’ve already lived being in New Orleans together, and how they “Already Drank That Beer.”

Ashley Cooke

The track fills out with harmonies as the drums start to get slightly larger in sound, but ultimately the the focus stays on the story. She describes how they need to just call it quits because they already know the outcome. The most profound thing about this song is how it circles around already drinking a beer, but it never boldly explains the metaphor. That’s for the listener to figure out. The relationship is done because you can’t drink a beer twice. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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