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Ashley Cooke Discusses Debut Album 'shot in the dark'

Ashley Cooke is proving to be a singer-songwriter on the rise. With the help of social media and relatable lyricism, she has been able to garner a growing fan base of country music fans. Her recently released debut album, shot in the dark, is the largest female album this year with 24 songs. Cooke chatted with The Nash News about how this album reflects her artistry and how she got to where she is today.

Cooke is a Florida native, which isn't too surprising given her laid-back style. Her voice and her words have an effortless quality as if music is what comes most naturally to her. Cooke's own journey into songwriting comes from her love of journaling. "Getting to write songs felt like a release of some kind. It was a way to process life and what was going on," shares Cooke.

She ended up moving to Nashville to attend Belmont University. Cooke majored in marketing and communications, leaving songwriting and singing as a hobby. On a whim during her senior year, Cooke applied for the Country Showcase held at the school. Upon winning the showcase, it gave her the spark she needed to seriously pursue music as a career. "I'm gonna give this at least a year to see what happens. Now it's been three or four years since I've been out of school and we're still doing it," Cooke says with a laugh.