Brett Eldredge 'Songs About You' Album Review

Brett Eldredge released his brand new album Songs About You on Friday, June 17th. This is the sixth studio album from the singer, and this record more than any other shows he isn't afraid to take risks.

The platinum-selling artist has found great success since his debut album in 2013. He is known for several hits such as "Don't Ya," "Lose My Mind," "Drunk On Your Love," and 'Wanna Be That Song." Eldredge has even released two Christmas albums; the most recent being Mr Christmas from 2021. On his new record, Eldredge features previously released "Wait Up for Me" and the title track "Songs About You."

The album opens on a strong note with the energetic "Can't Keep Up." It's fast paced and feels like an ode to the dance hall music of the 1950s. He sings, "Dance like the devil went down to goergia / 'Cause he can't keep up with the hell we raise."

"I Feel Fine" is an anthem about not getting knocked down no matter what happens in life. The style of the song feels like a mix of early 2000's punk-rock and Johnny Cash. Another track about finding inner strength is "Get Out Of My House." Very clear and bold, the song is about being done with a relationship and having no regrets. "So get out of my house / And take your heart with you / And all those things that were never mine, anyway."

Eldredge also continues to wear his heart on his sleeve throughout the album. "Home Sweet Love" is a stand-out love song from a singer that has already has plenty to his name. He exclaims with admiration, "You've been looking for home sweet love, and I've been looking for you." "Holy Water" feels just as it should sound: spiritual and moving. Feeling a love so deep that sets you free is sometimes impossible to put into words. That's when people turn to music like this song.

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