Brett Sheroky “4 Goodyears”

Brett Sheroky just released “4 Goodyears” – Listen to the new track below.

Brett Sheroky 4 Goodyears

If you are looking for a true blue country story song, look no further than songwriter turned artist, Brett Sheroky’s latest release, “4 Goodyears”. From the opening lines of the song, you are drawn into the story by his subtle guitar and impressive imagery. “She rolled into town / With the windows down / Maggie May playin’ on the radio / Of that El Camino” He chronicles a summer relationship and infuses clever wordplay. Nostalgia drips from every guitar lick while you can feel the love the couple shared and the good times they knew were too good to not end.

“God, I wish I could just reach back through that rearview mirror to those three good months on those 4 Goodyears”

Sheroky wrote the song with Andrew Peebles and Dan Wilson and “4 Goodyears” is the perfect way to introduce a new wave of fans to his artistry. “This is one of the first songs I’ve written since moving to Nashville that I knew came from me as an artist and not just a songwriter,” he told The Nash News exclusively. “It sort of feels like the introduction to my artist side. I’ve never been this proud of the production on any of my released songs. I’m so proud of this one; from how we wrote it, to how we recorded it, to how we mixed it.”

Sheroky, a native of Belleville, IL recently signed his first publishing deal with SeaGayle Music and in November of 2020, Sheroky landed his first major cut with Broken Bow artist, Granger Smith with his song, “Man Made”. He now continues to build his career armed with a knack for incredible songwriting and a vocal delivery that will keep any listener engaged.

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