Brett Sheroky “Everybody Wants” Song Review

In 2009, Brett Sheroky packed up his country music dreams and made the movie from Belleville, Illinois to Nashville, Tennessee in hopes of pursuing a successful career in Music City. Today, those dreams are coming true. Devoted father and talented songwriter, he’s accumulated just over 47,000 followers on his Instagram, where he is transparent and real with his fans. He shares his struggles with cancer and fertility, all while maintaining a stellar personality that shines through in the promotions of his work.

He promotes his new single, “Everybody Wants” by saying, “What if… at the end of your life, the person you became has to meet the person you could have become?” encompassing the theme of the song and his music altogether with one perfect line.

“Everybody wants to be the king of the hill / But nobody wants to have to climb / Everybody wants fifteen minutes of fame / But nobody wants to put the time in / Working for tomorrow’s a hard pill to swallow / And nobody wants to take it / Everybody wants to have it made / But nobody wants to have to make it.”

The lyrics, written by Sheroky himself and Trannie Anderson, are two minutes and fifty-two seconds of a powerful and encouraging pep talk wrapped in Sheroky’s unique sound. The singer is previously known for mellow and heartwarming country ballads such as “Ain’t My Place” and “Still Broken”, whereas “Everybody Wants” gives us a new side of Sheroky that is upbeat and driven with his passion for life and his work.

Everybody Wants by Brett Sheroky

Sheroky says it himself in the second verse, “On the road to success ain’t nobody gets a free ride / You gotta drive, drive, drive”. Through Sheroky’s translucent and vulnerable presence online, it’s clear that he feels these lyrics deep in his soul through the challenges he’s overcome in the past ten years alone. His dedication to his wife, family, and career is present in his songwriting. “Put in the hurt, hands in the dirt, blood sweat, and years of hoping it works” is just what he’s done since making that move to Nashville over a decade ago.

“Everybody Wants” can be seen as a personal testament of Sheroky’s passion and drive for his own life, and as motivation for others to work for what they want, and that’s what makes it so true to Sheroky’s mission as an artist. It’s truthful, uplifting, and heartening all at once, a song that’s sure to seal Sheroky’s success for the rest of the year.

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