Brett Sheroky “Good Thing Going” Song Review

Newcomer Brett Sheroky released his latest song “Good Thing Going” on Friday, July 9th. The song follows his previous release “4 Goodyears.” This dynamic track is unlike what is currently charting on radio stations, all while having the elements of a great country song.

The Illinois native moved to Nashville to work as a speech therapist while also working to pursue a career in music. Sheroky recently signed a publishing deal with Sea Gayle Music. A talented songwriter, he has written for several artists including Granger Smith and a cut on Blake Shelton’s latest project called “Bible Verses”.

“Good Thing Going” successfully blends modern country with 70’s rock. The style of this song reflects the sound often found in Sheroky’s work. From the beginning and throughout the song, the guitar instrumental keeps listeners hooked. This song could be likened to the sound of an indie band with its angst and beat.

Brett Sheroky Good Thing Going

The message behind the track is about realizing how good you had it when it’s gone. The lyric “I used to have a good thing going on, now it’s a good thing going,” is a clever way of seeing something ending, presumably a relationship. “The one thing that was a sure thing, sure ain’t anymore.”

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