Brett Sheroky Shares Unreleased, Powerful Track “Bring You Home”

Some songwriters in Nashville don’t shy away from bringing light to the hard topics and Brett Sheroky is certainly one of them. From his important songs about divorce “Better On Paper” and “Ain’t My Place” to a song he had cut by Blake Shelton, “Bible Verses”, Sheroky is a master of connecting a real-life, human experience and a song.

His latest, unreleased track that he shared on Instagram late last night (February 9th), “Bring You Home” highlights another tragic experience that unfortunately, too many families go through, miscarriage. Sheroky wrote the track with Dan Wilson and Colton Venner and in the video as he slowly picks an acoustic guitar, the lyrics of loss wash over the listener.

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“We were counting down the months, already loved you so damn much, now there’s a room we don’t go into, crib where you don’t sleep, the name we spent forever picking out now we never speak. Couldn’t wait to see your life play out and hold your hand right through it, couldn’t wait to bring you home, and God beat us to it”

The power of faith is unwavering throughout the track, believing that the unborn baby is resting safely in heaven and as hard as it is for the family that was left behind, they can at least have some solace in their faith. Statistically, 10-15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage – too many mothers and fathers have gone through this – all the more reason that songs like “Bring You Home” need to be written and celebrated.

Music heals. Brett Sheroky is working to bring healing with his music. Give it a listen above and follow Brett on Instagram for more incredible, unreleased songs.

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