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Brett Young 'Across The Sheets' Album Review

Brett Young never ceases to deliver music that his fans will love, and this new album might be one for the books. The singer-songwriter has dropped his newest LP Across The Sheets, which features the romantic single "Dance With You." Young always seems to release songs that tug at the heartstrings.

Young's last full-length album arrived in 2021, and included hit songs "Lady," and "You Didn't." Those are just a couple of his radio singles that have made him a prominent name in country music. "In Case You Didn't Know," "Mercy," and "Catch," have showcased his vocals and ability to capture attention. Across The Sheets carries those qualities as well as highlighting even deeper emotions.

"Back To Jesus" has some of the best lyrics from the entire project. Young sings about how the love of a partner can make everything better. That it's easier to become one's best self because of the other person. It truly acts as a thank you to a higher power for giving him this person. "Sometimes miracles are more than making wine from water / Sometimes angels come to Earth as sisters, mothers, daughters / I don't know how but somehow she loves me the way that He does."

The love songs continue with the help of "Uncomfortable." Young sums up how it feels to still get nervous around the person they love. Even if there are plenty of previous songs that capture that nervousness, the California native finds a way to make these feel fresh and new. The title makes it stand out as it doesn't seem like it would be a beautiful song for couples to slow dance to, but it's the perfect anthem for those intimate moments.