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Britnee Kellogg “Hey Mama” Song Review

Rising talent Britnee Kellogg is not only pursuing her dreams in the music industry but she is a mom of three, which in itself, is absolutely not a small feat. Her new single, “Hey Mama” available everywhere today is an ode to moms who are doing it all, balancing all aspects of their lives, and raising happy, fulfilled children.

She has embraced an active online community of mothers who are raising babies and chasing dreams and those mamas embraced this song before it was even released on TikTok, with nearly 11 million impressions. Now that the full song is finally here, mother’s across the country can take a breather, hide in their coat closets and listen to a song that champions them.

“It ain’t easy, trying to juggle all these feelings / Everybody ‘round you needing, something every second of the day / With no time left for nothin’ but cleaning up another mess / Feeling that heaviness in your chest like you’re gonna break / Do what you gotta do to take a break and find a win / Give yourself some grace, you’re still the queen you’ve always been

The song highlights the amazing job that moms do, taking care of all of the big and small aspects of their family’s lives and still keeping their cool. The beautiful song also features Kellogg’s adorable three-year-old daughter, Harlow singing on one of the verses, so if you weren’t already tearing up, just wait until you hear her angelic voice.

“Balancing motherhood and music are the most challenging yet rewarding things I’ve ever done, “said Kellogg. “Being independent, I run the show and it’s exhausting at times trying to balance it all. I’ve been told time and time again to focus on my babies, and asked how on earth I’m able to leave them when I go on the road…For me it’s simple. They get to see their mama follow her dreams with PASSION. They will grow up knowing they can do the same thing regardless of their circumstances. How freaking cool is that?”

Britnee Kellogg is currently on the road this summer and fall introducing her new music to fans, find her tour dates here.

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