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Brooke Eden 'Choosing You' EP Review

Since her childhood, Brooke Eden has been growing in her musical strength. Even in her teens, she was performing music live, even opening for Brooks & Dunn and Alan Jackson. Her growth has not stopped, as she has released her latest EP, Choosing You.

The first song on the EP, “Knock,” eases the listeners in with its softer vibe and relaxing harmonies. It's a song about love and acceptance of love. She sings, “He’s been dropping warning signs like petals off a daisy / Looking like he loves me not.” She makes it clear to her audience that you shouldn’t need to beg for requited love, it asserts the self-worth of Eden.

“Comeback Love” takes on a vibe that is reminiscent of Thomas Rhett’s pop-country energy. The song has a groove and it creates an ambiance for dancing along to this artfully written song. It’s lighthearted and acknowledges the effect that love can have on someone with the lines, “Cause every time you’re gone my heart’s singing a song / Comeback love, comeback love.” The romantic energy this song provides is one that will pervade country music.