Brothers Osborne ‘Skeletons Deluxe’ Album Review

Reigning CMA Vocal Duo of The Year Brothers Osborne released the deluxe version of their album Skeletons on Friday, January 21. Skeletons has been nominated for Country Album of The Year at the upcoming Grammy Awards, and the album made several year-end lists. Three additional songs have been added to the 12-song LP.

The brothers have been making an impact on country music for well over a decade. Known for hits such as “Stay A Little Longer,” “It Ain’t My Fault,” and “I’m Not For Everyone,” they are prolific songwriters and entertainers. T.J. Osborne leads with vocals while Josh Osborne is the lead on guitar. The duo also makes an impact outside of the studio as T.J. is one of the only openly gay country musicians, giving a voice to so many who look up to him. Brothers Osborne are just one of several acts that hope to guide Nashville through times of change.

Fans will be delighted to hear that the song “Younger Me” is included in this deluxe edition. Already a favorite of many, the duo performed the song at the 2021 CMA Awards. It’s an inspirational ode to Osborne’s younger self as he sings, “Younger me, made it harder than it had to be.” The production style is mixed with new-age pop while the reflective lyrics are rooted in country music’s truth-telling. “Overthinking, losing sleep at night / Contemplating if it’s worth the fight / If he only knew he’d be alright.”

'Skeletons Deluxe' by Brothers Osborne

“Headstone” is an electric track that’s unique for their country-rock style. The guitar alone grips the listener to their core and it never ceases. There is a sense of freedom in the song that goes beyond the guitar, bass, and drums. “Write that on my headstone” is a line that rips through the song with ferocity. This track also has an instrumental section that is fairly reminiscent of their hit “Stay A Little Longer.”

The final addition is “Midnight Rider’s Prayer” which perfectly closes out the record. This song sounds much like the title: a country homecoming with a western flare. Osborne’s voice soars through these new songs with both confidence and heart. The additional tracks prove that the duo continues to take musical risks that always end up paying off.

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